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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fatal...or so I thought.

Well, I finally got around to getting a glaze fire in! Yay! I've been busy the last few weeks "home shopping" for my mother. The whole process of finding her a nice place much closer to my home is going to drive me to drink...but, that's another story. It's been an eye opener, that's for sure.

Anyhow, back to my glaze fire... I had the kiln all fired up the other night & decided to check on it & happened to see on the the digital readout: "FTL". First thing I thought was: "fatal" as in my kiln just "died".  Oh sh*t!!!! So, I jump on Paragon's site to see what "FTL" meant...thankfully it stands for "fired too long" as in it was taking too long to reach the desired temp. Oh thank goodness! I reprogrammed it again & hoped for the best. I was really worried that whole batch of beads were going to be messed up, but they turned out just fine. So, either it just had a little hiccup or I'm thinking the elements are reaching the end of their life is more like it. I'm certainly not looking forward to changing out those elements...sure hoping they come with REALLY good directions, because it looks like a bitch! Anyone have any experience with this? I've looked on YouTube & didn't find much info. On a positive note ordering some elements is a great excuse to order some new glazes to play around with while I'm at it!